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Agreement On The Establishment Of The Asean Secretariat

By pierre.shaun@gmail.com | In Uncategorized | on December 2, 2020

Notwithstanding Article 4, paragraph 1, the mandate of the Centre`s first Executive Director is five (5) years. The Executive Director should thus facilitate and speed up the establishment of the centre. Laos joined the agreement and its protocols on 23 July 1997 by the 1997 Protocol on the accession of the Laos People`s Democratic Republic to the ASEAN agreements. 1. The Centre`s activities are funded in part by all ASEAN Member States through the creation of an ASEAN Energy Fund (`fund`). NOTING the rapid expansion of ASEAN`s activities since its inception on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, in achieving the ASEAN objectives and objectives, enshrined in the ASEAN Declaration; (a) enter into agreements with states, local or international organizations; b. contract; c. acquire and transfer property; and d. to participate in legal proceedings. (i) to be responsible for the ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and the Standing Committee at all other times; (d) assist, where appropriate, various ASEAN committees, groups and bodies; Any new or s) member aSEAN adheres to this agreement, which comes into force from the date the accession instrument is filed with the ASEAN Secretary General. With regard to such a new government that adheres to this agreement after it enters into force, this agreement enters into force with regard to the member`s new government on the date of the tabling of its membership instrument. The ratification instruments are filed with the Foreign Affairs Division of the Republic of Indonesia. 1.

ASEAN Standing Committees, ad hoc committees, expert groups and other ASEAN bodies, as well as the Standing Committee; And the financial resources for the employment of locally recruited staff are included in the Secretariat`s annual budget. (c) act as a formal communication channel between: the Centre`s objective is to act as a catalyst for economic growth and development in the ASEAN region through the establishment, coordination and facilitation of national, joint and collective energy activities. b. approve the Centre`s rules, procedures and regulations; If, for whatever reason, the Secretary-General is unable to temporarily carry out his duties, the Chairman of the Standing Committee appoints the Director-General of the Office as Secretary-General. (iv) to keep abreast of the activities of all ASEAN committees and other similar bodies and, as an obligation to the Centre, the host country provides offices and institutions, including assistance to utilities. The host country also grants the Centre and its officers the privileges necessary to carry out its duties and functions, which are similar to those of the ASEAN secretariat and its staff. . The appointment of public servants is for three years, provided that, in special circumstances, the Standing Committee may, on the recommendation of the Secretary-General, whom it has initiated after consulting the appointed party, extend the term of office for up to a full term. The annual budget also includes the number and rank of staff to be employed. (c) to participate in meetings of all ASEAN committees and other similar bodies, or to appoint a representative; ix) are responsible for the security of the secretariat; (xii) as beneficiaries of freedom for all ASEAN documents; and the three Directors of the Office lead the following offices: viii) launching plans and action programmes for ASEAN regional cooperation, in accordance with policy approval guidelines; Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, the conditions of employment of the officers and staff of the locally recruited secretariat are set in the statute.

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