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Tyre Maintenance Agreement

By pierre.shaun@gmail.com | In Uncategorized | on December 19, 2020

The importance of firmly controlling the cost of tires was brought home last year by a series of unprecedented tire price increases. Many major tyre manufacturers imposed three list price increases, which increased by 15 to 25% compared to the previous year. This even exceeds the escalation in the price of diesel, which made tires in 2011 the fastest growing HGV operating costs. The pay-as-you-go approach to tyre maintenance may include different levels of additional management, such as an agreed adaptation and service policy. B, a menu of service procedures with a negotiated price for each, compiling invoices into a single monthly invoice with management and reporting information options. “Pay-as-you-go is normally the best option for operators who want to minimize tire costs, provided it is well managed,” says Dave Alsop, fleet distribution manager at Vaculug Traction Tyres, another important retreader in tire management contracts. With this method, you pay for your tires with the same monthly payments that are set comfortably for the agreed duration. Both options keep your accountant happy, because you only pay for tires because they earn you income; Support your cash flow management. The result for your fleet is the best operating time possible and carefree property.

Tructyre focuses on the best solution for each customer. We listen carefully to your needs, analyze each vehicle in your fleet, its different specifications, its operating requirements and its locations. Only then will we be able to use our know-how to cross-reference a single fleet tire management contract that fully meets your requirements. The scarcity of cases drives up their values – high-end super-boxes now take close to $50 – so remoulds became much more expensive in 2011. But their price increases in pounds were generally lower than those of new tires, in part because they use less rubber. Although some operators have refused to resume regrooving, there is clear evidence that attitudes are changing. Six years ago, Michelin reported that only 31 per cent of the boxes returning to its retreading plant in Stoke-on-Trent showed signs of reuse. Now this proportion is close to 50%, but it still leaves a lot of untapped potential. “We are planning a major campaign in 2012 to raise awareness of regrooving,” said Martin Covington, Uktois Director of Truck Tire Marketing at Michelin. The final hurdle is to convince more operators that it is safe to redirect steering tires. “We follow the operator`s policy,” says Simon Tattersall, director of the national trucking company at ATS Euromaster, the tyre service company with Michelin companies, “but I think he is increasingly aware that it is perfectly acceptable to go around the tyres.” He believes that the 2008/9 recession and soaring tyre prices in 2011 helped convince more operators of the benefits of holding tyres.

But he thinks not everyone got the message. “We still find many cases where the asset is not sweating,” says Tattersall, suggesting that it is still possible to increase livestock expenditures across the sector in order to reduce the total tire bill. The idea of integrating RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips into tyres has been under discussion for more than 15 years, but seems to have become a commercial reality. Goodyear has just launched an RFID version of its RHT II 435/50R 19.5 trailer, which aims to optimize fleet tire controls. The tire technician holds a portable scanner on the side wall of the tire and downloads the details of each tyre and installs it directly into the Internet-based tire management system By Goodyear, OnFleetLineSolutions. Goodyear intends to soon offer more tires with built-in rfid, which could eventually extend its functionality, from outright identification to real-time pressure and temperature monitoring.

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