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Rental Agreement Template Switzerland

By pierre.shaun@gmail.com | In Uncategorized | on April 11, 2021

Once the contact is signed, the two parties are legally bound to it. Before signing, it is therefore important to read and understand the document carefully, even if it is usually long and difficult to read. Note that Swiss renters expect the contract to be respected to the letter (which applies to any agreement you make in Switzerland!). However, there are legal protections that may limit the validity of certain clauses in leases (usually in your favour). All parties to the lease must sign the notice. For married couples, both must sign, even if the rental agreement is only made in the name of a spouse. Tenant associations are located in most cities. In addition to direct legal advice, they also offer information brochures on leases. You can find your local tenant association by contacting one of the national associations: make sure that the bad behavior of the tenants compromises your rental agreement with your landlord.

The landlord has the right to contact subtenants directly with claims or communications, but you are ultimately responsible for the overall behaviour of your subtenants. Don`t be afraid to terminate a sublease contract if a subtenant does not pay the rent on time or complies with community guidelines (be sure to follow legal guidelines on notice periods). 6 Instructions to complete the sublease contract Please read our “Tips and Tricks for Subletting” as well as the “Way to Sublet” section on our Point I: Contractors, Interlocutors and Colocs Page Complete the full address, phone numbers and addresses of owners, tenants and potential replacements. If the subtenant does not have a stable address in Switzerland, it is recommended to ask for a copy of his identity card as well as the address of his employer in Switzerland. Please also include the name of each participant (except close family members) if you sublet your item to a subtenant found by UMS. This is important because UMS insurance only covers tenants and residents who are mentioned in the sublease agreement. Tell your substitute about his skills and give him a copy of the subletting contract. If you do not have access to ebanking, it is recommended that you redirect your bank correspondence to your assistant so that he can identify any possible payment delays in a timely manner. Point II: Object – Discount Here you should specify the exact sublet dwelling (z.B. “Three-bedroom, third floor left”), where the property is located (address and management of the property), what can be used and how to hand over the keys.

Be aware that if you only sublet parts of the apartment, reduce the rent pro-rata. Point III: Rent Fill in the rent amount (including fees) and decide how to pay the money. Please indicate if electricity is included in the rent (electricity is not included in the base fee). The Prepayment Regulation is a proposal of UMS Temporary Housing. It has a proven track supply; However, you are free to choose the type of payment that is right for you (for example. B no down payment or down payment of rent for the duration of the rent) as long as the subtenant agrees. Point IV: Length of sublease contract Indicate with a cross the type of unterlease you have in mind; either a temporary sublease with or without the possibility of termination or a sublease contract for an indeterminate period (only one is possible!).

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