Athletic Training Affiliation Agreement

The current list of partner contracts indicates the end date of the agreement and can be called by the coordinator of the accession agreement. Standard 1. Students demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based practices and their application to critical clinical decisions and critical review of the practice of sports training. Sports coaches (TAs) are health professionals who, under the direction or in collaboration with a physician, provide services or treatments in accordance with their training and state statutes, rules and regulations. As part of the health team, TA services include injury and disease prevention, wellness promotion and education, emergency care, clinical examination and diagnosis, therapeutic intervention and injury and disease rehabilitation. Sports training is recognized as a health profession by the American Medical Association (AMA). The athletics coach is an integral member of the sports health team in high schools, colleges and clinical sports medicine universities, professional sports programs and other sports health care. The sports health care team includes: athletic coaches, administrators, parents, athletes and athletic coaches in providing an effective and responsive athletic health care system. As a member of the health team, the athletics coach works under the direction of a licensed physician and in collaboration with other health professionals. This liability insurance applies to students designated as parties to the trial who result from their participation in a program that meets the criteria described above.

The policy pays the amounts that the student must pay legally because of “personal injury” or “property damage” covered by the policy, including the associated legal costs. This coverage does not compensate the clinical/non-clinical training site, site or host facility. This directive does not guarantee licensed professionals acting in this capacity. The Athletic Training Program (ATP) at Wichita State University is very proud of the quality of the training it provides to students. Students recognize that sports training is such a diverse field and are exposed to a multitude of learning experiences and methods. Classrooms and clinical experiences are acquired in each of the following disciplines of athletic training: Some campus organizations that do not require a membership agreement for our students are: They should maintain a professional relationship with athletes. Respect is very important, you have to earn the respect of the athlete so that they can confide in them and trust you. Do not participate in a confrontation with the athletes. If this happens, consult an athletics coach or program director or clinical education coordinator immediately! The non-compliance of an observer or student with a sports training by an athlete is not tolerated.