Housing Agreement Uva

Students who can benefit from student housing through their faculty receive an email from myinfo@uva.nl on the link to the accommodation application form shortly before the time of application. This email contains instructions to complete the application form and link to the application form. If you wish to withdraw your application for housing after receiving an offer of accommodation from us, or if you decide not to accept the offer, the fee will not be refunded. If you do not contact UvA Housing on time or if you stop late, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to meet your housing needs. What will happen to uvA accommodation if I no longer need a UvA apartment room? Rents for student housing range from 300 to 850 euros per month. The exact number is different for each room because it is based on type and size. Monthly rent includes gas, electricity, water bills and the Internet. The rent is paid directly to the housing provider. It is possible to pay in monthly increments.

Student accommodation in Amsterdam is hard to find. UVA offers a limited number of rooms for about half of the new international students arriving. The sooner you act, the better your chances of getting a room. Make sure you have a medical explanation from your doctor with information on why you have specific needs for your accommodation. UvA Housing requires you to post the statement online in your app. If you would like to benefit from the UvA Student Housing Service, please refer to our terms and conditions of sale. In short, it is said that UvA student accommodations are designed as a “soft landing” in the Netherlands. In this way, students who have just arrived and do not know Amsterdam have immediate accommodation for the first 1 or 2 semesters. All student accommodation contracts have a fixed rental period of up to one year.

Students receive a rental period (1 or 2 semesters), as shown below. The rent for the entire fixed period means that you have to pay the rent until the last date of the contract. Your acceptance of the application for housing and the agreement of the University of Virginia means that you accept and accept the terms of this accommodation. Students who wish to benefit from an excellent service in Amsterdam (AES), an Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship (ASTS) or an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) and use the UvA accommodation service are given priority. However, if you apply too late for the residential service, there may be no more rooms available. It is not possible to terminate your housing contract unless you terminate your registration or have serious personal circumstances. Click the button on your housing type to read all the associated terms and conditions. Extra fees, security deposit and first rent payment per housing provider: Amsterdam is a very popular place to live.

Students (Dutch and international) and many others are looking for housing, which is why there is no affordable housing. If you wish to stay in Amsterdam after the end of your accommodation contract made available by the UvA apartments, you must look for independent accommodation.