Mcliu Collective Agreement

Congratulations on the adoption of your second collective agreement. Thank you to everyone who attended the Special Assembly on November 20th. In the first collective agreement, section 15.03 states that McGill units are not required to publish courses on their website when they “hire students enrolled in post-graduate programs, post-doctors, retired professors, adjunkcts professors, managers or professionals.” However, the same clause stipulates that the number of courses that are not booked in a recruitment unit should not exceed 15 per cent of the total number of courses “that are not allocated to regular teachers”. The negotiating committee is pleased to inform you that after more than two years of intensive negotiations and conciliation, the Union and the employer agreed on the principle on 30 October 2020 and signed an agreement on our second collective agreement. In the coming weeks, the parties will finalize and sign the text of the new agreement. Shortly thereafter, the detailed conditions are shared with the community. The Union and McGill have reached an agreement in principle for our second collective agreement. The convention must go through a few procedural steps, but we are announcing the next step in its presentation to our members at an online General Assembly. We will provide more information as soon as it becomes available. The negotiation process, which began in 2007, has never been easy. After years of discussions with the employer, the presence of a Ministry of Labour conciliator and the exemplary mobilization and solidarity of the members, the union was proud to conclude the negotiations. The agreement in principle submitted to the general meeting was found to be satisfactory for the union, the content of which corresponded exactly to the agreement reached with the employer at the end of October 2010.

The Union and McGill have agreed on the principle of our second collective agreement. The agreement must meet certain procedural requirements, but we will soon announce the next steps that will lead to its presentation before being a member of an online general meeting. We will provide further updates as they become available. This page is also available in EN The Faculty of Education of Marianopolis College unanimously adopted its first collective agreement at yesterday`s general meeting. Just two years after its successful association in April 2014, this new contract has historical advantages to the faculty of teaching of this private English-speaking university, more than 100 years old, in the… The next step will be to meet with McGill and sign the collective agreement before it is tabled with the Ministry of Labour. The implementation of this agreement and the resulting changes will begin after this submission. The union made the following statistics available to the Daily to support its assertions.

The MCLIU receives this data each academic year from HR, under the provisions of its collective agreement that they require access to it. At a general meeting on May 15, McGill University auditors approved an agreement in principle recently reached before an arbitrator appointed by the Ministry of Labour. The agreement, which concludes more than two years of negotiations, is the first collective agreement for these workers. In February 2019, the MCLIU also adopted a mobilization mandate to ensure that “the Union is able to take all necessary measures to mobilize its members […] for a second fair collective agreement that provides job and rights security.¬†They began in mid-March with an administration representative and conciliator Donald Tremblay and will continue to meet with them in the summer and fall.