Plc Data Processing Agreement

This objective marked our approach to the development of data processing clauses (RGPD) and we tried to design a series of C2P clauses that can be used as a starting point by a large number of companies in a large number of market sectors, reconciling the need to comply with all the requirements of Article 28, paragraph 3, of the RGPD (on the one hand) with accessibility, achievement and length (on the other hand). We therefore implicitly assumed that the organizations wanted formulations covering all eight requirements, but that they were proportional to the nature of the personal data to be processed and the duration of the overall agreement. We have also set ourselves the objective of “proving in the future” the C2P clauses that we are preparing, incorporating a term allowing the subcontractor to replace the conditions with applicable securities with clauses or certification systems with processors in accordance with Article 28, paragraph 6, paragraph 8). 2.3. Voluum uses personal data exclusively to provide services in accordance with terms and conditions of sale, i.e. to provide tracking services/to serve end-users with interest-based advertisements, to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and to provide advertising reports. In this context, Voluum can also combine personal data from different sources to improve services and integrate services with external platforms. Voluum also processes personal data for fraud prevention, bot detection, evaluation, analysis, visibility, advertising security services. Voluum may also process data based on extracts of personal data in an aggregated and unidentifiable form, including for audit, development, control and operation of services. 2.7. Where applicable legislation requires it, the customer must also make reasonable economic efforts to ensure that the end user, with respect to the Customer`s use of the Services, is provided to the end user clear and complete information about cookies or other information on the end-user`s device, and accepts, if necessary, registration and access.

To the extent required by applicable legislation, the Customer must notify the End User of third-party cookies (or other tracking technologies) that may be placed on the customer`s website (s) by indicating the purpose of these cookies (for example. B targeted advertising) and the type of data collected on the customer`s website. The customer will also inform end-users of options for disabling Voluum cookies by inserting a link to Voluum`s privacy policy into its privacy policy and, if required by law, appropriate notification, approval and selection mechanisms that comply with relevant laws and regulations, including the RGPD.