Scp Enterprise Agreement

A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (Microsoft EA) was once the licensing vehicle for large companies with more than 500 seats. But the complex three-year contract, which was once so popular, is becoming obsolete. As cloud-based services like Azure and Office 365 become the norm, even large companies are postponing their product and service purchases and are looking with the CSP program for a more flexible Microsoft volume licensing option. A company with 750 employees has partnered with another large company and is looking for ways to reduce costs across all large companies. While they are currently stuck in an EA, they are essentially stuck when they take stock of what is being used and realize that a large part of their employees are not fully using what they are paying for. In this case, an EA can be considered a roadblock that could easily have been avoided with a CSP. With the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), you only pay a monthly fee for the licenses and software you need, which becomes much more convenient and less expensive for large companies. To help you decide if you should switch to CSP, we`ve created this practical comparison diagram for EA vs. CSP, which highlights the main differences between these two agreements. A customer who meets the minimum commitment threshold (for more details, contact your Account Executive) is authorized to sign the CPEA. This agreement entitles you to an annual consumption of eligible cloud services. The CPEA and the subscription model represent two business models.

Each model requires a specific contract and it is therefore not possible to combine these models into an agreement. From a technical point of view, too, it is necessary to separate subscriptions and consumption-based services into separate global accounts. Integration is technically possible, but it is subject to technical constraints and constraints. Check out this exclusive fireside chat with Chris Pyle, Pyle, CEO of MessageOp, and Redmond Magazine An. If customers want to start from an application perspective, we offer different usage cases that allow them to add relevant services to the estimated value.