Service Agreement Id Hp

Call HP. For some products, you must have the right to access their downloads, your knowledge and their tools. You get this privilege in two ways: it is only a reference identifier under which hp recognizes you for all your product sales, contracts, contracts and support. ! ! Without exception, my biggest problem with these servers is getting the support that was paid for, especially when the servers are a few years old and the original computer has moved. I understand that you need to prove your hardware replacement warranty, but downloading firmware updates and preventing security corrections is ridiculous. I don`t know what SAID is, where and how to get it. If you`re using HP software, you need that reference and why you don`t get in touch with your software sales team, maybe they know something about it. I`m in trouble like you. Have you received any answers to your problem? I support many companies that use Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers like ML360s, DL380s, StoreServ and Blades. This permission applies to HPE patches. For more information on checking and understanding permissions for your HPE Passport account, see My Patch Permissions. A unique identifier for each customer who has entered into a sales and cleaning agreement with HP covering the product support under this reference. If you buy from a dealer (it`s more common), they`ll have included the service contract/guarantees you purchased, but they probably aren`t related to your account or business yet.

Collect copies of the list of packages, invoices and/or vouchers provided with the equipment. The dealer often sends the buyer an email with the support identifiers. If you can`t find your SAID, SAR, etc., ask your supervisor or accountant (whoever makes the purchase) to browse their emails. Then… (record broken)… Call HP. If you buy directly from HPE, support agreements are registered with your company and your HPE account. You should be good at it, but remember that your employees create HPE accounts and also assign them the support agreement. Scan the invoice or packaging list showing your purchase (or, ideally, the support contract), then call HPE.