Hey! I'm Shaun.

I’m a digital marketer and front-end developer from Boston, based in Atlanta. I enjoy crafting smart and engaging digital solutions for businesses large and small.


I enjoy building a user experience that creates a lasting impression. Understanding how to provoke an emotion whether it's through videography, visual graphics, or web development, is important to engage and draw a user into the experience.



Digital Communications Manager
World Help : Jan 2017 - Sept 2019

Digital marketing development, web site traffic and revenue growth. Oversee digital advertising strategy and manage budget. Developed digital inbounding strategy.


Front-End Develper
World Help : Mar 2016 - 2017

Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and UX. Implemented mock-ups using grid frameworks and designed websites using CSS, XHTML and Javascript with cross-browser compatibility.

E: pierre.shaun@gmail.com
P: 774-454-2843

If your interested in working with me shoot me a message!