Blue Shield Of California Letter Of Agreement

An agreement with a provider not to charge the subscriber a difference between the fees charged for covered services (excluding co-insurance) and the amount agreed by contract with a Blue Cross Blue Shield company as a full payment for these services. Provides greater transparency in the health sector by providing detailed information on health trends and best practices, leading to healthier living and affordable access to safe and effective care. The BWI combines the health experience of more than 54 million Blue Cross and Blue Shield members nationwide. Addresses consumer health and lifestyle needs through unique partnerships and experiences developed exclusively for Blue365 members. A value-for-money discount program that offers discounts to blue-cross and blue shields members and content on health and wellness, family care, financial services and healthy travel. As an extension of the Blue Cross Blue Shield WalkingWorks program®, this event helps people incorporate physical activity into their workday and encourages them to increase their daily physical activity by going to lunch. An audit program that assesses whether drugs are being used safely, effectively and appropriately. A voluntary health insurance program for federal public servants, retirees, their loved ones and survivors. The evaluation of health questionnaires submitted by all plan members to determine the group`s overall insurability. A toll-free number, 1-800-810-BLUE, which allows members to find suppliers at another Blue Cross Blue Shield company. BlueCard Access© helps members who need referral to a doctor or health facility in another location.

An organization that provides dental services to its members through a network of providers in exchange for some form of prepayment. For all dental questions and/or application forms, please contact your local Blue Cross Blue Shield company. information relating to past, present or future physical or mental health, the condition of a person or the prior, present or future payment of the provision of health care to a person, including demographic information received by or on behalf of a health care provider, health plan, clearing house or employer that may either identify the person or be reasonably used to identify the person. It contains information contained in all forms or media (electronic, paper, oral, etc.). health care provided to a member of the health care organization (HMO) in exchange for a fixed monthly premium paid in advance before the provision of medical care. The physician`s executive health plan, which is responsible for the quality and cost-effectiveness of medical care by plan providers.