Ecmwf Headquarters Agreement

“The agreement, by providing a framework for these activities, further strengthens ESA`s application of space observation of the Earth, particularly with regard to the Earth Explorer programme.” As Boris Johnson fights for a deal after Brexit, Britain risks losing a contract to expand a leading European weather research centre based in Reading. The new agreement will allow for the continuation of ongoing projects and activities and access to data, as well as the exchange of scholarships between AE and ECMWF. It also strengthens the application of cooperation in areas such as ESA`s Earth Explorer programme. This problem of lack of space in Reading is not a problem for the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, which will transform an area of 9000 square meters as part of a former tobacco factory, now known as Tecnopolo, into supercomputers and offices for the data center. An additional 6,000 square metres could be made available in the future to accommodate other related research activities. The city is already home to all the main Italian institutes and agencies in the field of weather and climate research, namely the CMCC, the CNR and the ENEA. It has also concluded cooperation agreements with other countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Romania and Slovakia. Seat agreement between ECMWF and the United Kingdom The organisation was established in 1975 by 18 European countries. It currently has the support of 22 Member States and 12 other nations with which it has concluded a cooperation agreement. The agreement, which will serve as a framework for existing and future activities, promises the exchange of information and expertise, as well as the creation of bilateral meetings and regular contact points. From 2020, the data centre of the European Medium-Distance Weather Prediction Centre (ECMWF) will no longer be operated in Reading, west london, but from its new home in Bologna, northern Italy. “It`s a very important thing for us. The main establishments and our head office will remain in the UK.

But in Bologna, we will establish, produce and distribute the forecasts,” Florian Pappenberger, ECMWF`s director of forecasts, told ZDNet. This decision is a by-product of the organization`s 10-year strategy, which sets ambitious goals for high-resolution earth system modeling.