Epidemic Sound Artist Agreement

When they look at their licensing agreement, it looks like they`ve added podcasts and audio formats. I have a plan to create the short animation channel on youtube. Artlist sounds great, I`m interested in “Lifetime use for the songs you download”. The British audio Network is another example of a music production company exploring potential and working with artists on original music downloaded from streaming services and licensed for the use of soundtrack and online videos. These “fake artists” are of course also composers under contract with Epidemic Sound and whose work is downloaded on Spotify under pseudonymous monikers. Nothing wrong with that, and Epidemic has previously stated that these customers will be handed a 50/50 fraction of the royalty payments from Spotify (and other streaming services) when their tracks are played on the platform. Both platforms collaborate with independent artists from around the world who offer quality music. In fact, the working standards of both companies are high when it comes to accepting new artists and new musical titles. The real reason “fake artists” are angry with labels – in fact, the focal point of the fake artists scandal, which is too often overlooked – is because of their suspicious daily and regular appearances on important Spotify vibes and genre-based playlists with millions of subscribers in slots that could potentially go to more well-established acts. Why were people angry? Hoglund acknowledges that the lack of backstories – online footprints – has aroused the suspicion of artists.

“Why don`t we find them on social media?” Because they`ve been making production music with us for 10 years! – and the provenance of the tracks. How do I go from this case to “Fake Artists” on Spotify? In 2016, Epidemic Sound decided to put part of its catalog on streaming services, its composers receiving 50% of the revenue on these platforms, in addition to their original fees. What is interesting is that they would include here the third point – creating artistic artists for themselves – when I heard the CEO hear detailed authors of the brand and discussion about distinction at meetings. It was known that the leads were more important than the authors (this may be the reason why the authors seem to get such a bad deal). Once they have bought a song from a writer, they are only interested in using the work for their own brand development, financial profit and set-up, not for the writer in general.