Microsoft O365 Data Processing Agreement

Where there are legitimate reasons for continuing to process and retain data, for example. B “for compliance with a legal obligation requiring treatment under EU law or the Member State to which the person responsible for processing is subject” (Article 17, paragraph 3, paragraph b), the RGPD recognises that organisations may be required to retain data. However, you should ensure that you involve your lawyer to ensure that the grounds for retention are balanced against the rights and freedoms of the individuals concerned, their expectations at the time of data collection, etc. The processing of certain “specific” categories of personal data – such as personal data that indicates a person`s racial or ethnic origin or that relates to health or sexual orientation – is subject to stricter rules than the processing of “ordinary” personal data. This analysis of personal data is very specific to the facts, which is why we recommend hiring an expert to assess your specific circumstances. The RGPD imposes a large number of requirements on organizations that collect or process personal data, including the requirement to adhere to six key principles: yes. The RGPD requires controllers (z.B. organizations and developers who use Microsoft`s online services) to use only processors (z.B. Microsoft) that process personal data on behalf of the processor and provide sufficient safeguards to meet the essential requirements of the RGPD.

Microsoft has made these commitments proactively for all of the company`s online customers as part of its subscription contracts and for volume license customers as part of their enterprise agreements. Customers of other enterprise software generally available and licensed by Microsoft or our affiliates will also benefit from Microsoft`s RGPD obligations, as described in this notice, as long as the software processes personal data. In what formats should personal data be provided? Personal data can be found in customer data, information generated by Microsoft products and services, and protocols generated by the system. “When law enforcement authorities contact Microsoft with a request for processed data, Microsoft will attempt to redirect law enforcement to request that data directly from the customer. If Microsoft is obliged to transmit processed data to law enforcement agencies, it will immediately notify the customer and provide a copy of the claim, unless it is prohibited by law,” Microsoft said. A person responsible for processing is a natural or legal person, a public authority, an agency or another agency that, alone or in conjunction with others, determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. A subcontractor is a natural or legal person, a public authority, an agency or another agency that handles personal data on behalf of the processor. My organization is preparing for the RGPD and we assume that Microsoft (Office 365) processes personal data on behalf of my organization. Where can I access Microsoft/Office 365`s EU data processing agreement? I have requirements for data retention through compliance.

Do these requirements end the right to cancel? The RGPD also requires you to contact your data protection authority before starting processing if you are unable to identify enough processes to minimize the high risk to the individuals involved. Well, have you contacted the support? I found information on the MS websites that such an agreement exists. Although I need it in Polish, it would be a good start for Microsoft to provide tools and documentation to support your responsibility for RGPD. These include supporting the rights of data subjects, conducting their own data protection impact analyses and cooperating to address data breaches of a personal nature. The RGPD requires a contract between each manager and a subcontractor at the time of the