Oracle Jde Agreement Management

Enter the amount or amount mark for balance updates to the agreement. Enter a value identifying the place of storage that will provide the item for the execution of the agreement. The value must correspond to these source codes: specify the type of contract that identifies a report contract. If you select an agreement from a list or the reservation system automatically assigns an agreement, the system uses search criteria to identify agreements. Enter the date on which the agreement takes effect. The value due in the scope of the agreement must be P (partner), indicating that the product is due to the partner for that product and this contract. (optional) Enter the number assigned by the company to clearly identify a particular agreement. You enter reservations to move the stock that fulfills an agreement. When you sign a contract, insert the contract number and the supplementary number for a reservation. The system uses these numbers to cross-reference the booking with the correct agreement and monitor the activity.

UX One Sales Agreement Compliance Page – Effectively monitor compliance with sales contracts and negotiate new contracts. (optional) Enter the contract number assigned by your partner. Often, business partners have different numbering systems than you do. If your company needs both contract numbers for tracking purposes, enter your partner`s number in this field. You can choose from these memo functions to assign an explanatory message to an agreement: perform this task if the processing option requires agreements that you must assign agreement reservations. Enter the information that defines the relationship of the agreement with your partner and other agreements. UX One Procurement Agreement Analysis Page – Analysis and control of purchase agreements using different parameters through better visibility. With the contract selection processing option, you can choose one of three methods of assigning the agreement number: the amount of the contract is the sum of that item when the agreement was initiated. Enter the gross amount for the duration of the contract. If you have defined the agreement as a quantity type agreement (Q), fill this field.

Select a contract for the work form with the agreement base and select the contract quantity in the Line menu. The value in fields Sold or shipped to order must match the purpose of the agreement. An agreement can have several sources and objectives. You can specify, for example. B, one or more goals that may receive a product to fulfill the agreement. You may only want to identify one or more sites that can provide a product. If the agreement states that your partner sends you the product (product because of the company), your partner`s address book or cost number is the source. If the agreement states that you ship the product to your partner (product because of the partner), your company is the source. An agreement can allow you to move an item from multiple sources to the destination indicated in the detail line of the agreement. You can list any address book or cost source that the agreement allows. Use the selection in the Line menu to check the list of agreements and select the agreement to be assigned.

You can plan the dates and quantities you expect for the duration of the agreement. The information you have entered is a forecast of the activity that satisfies the agreement. When you complete this calendar, you can use the “Online Extract” program (P38300) to compare actual activity with the forecast. Enter the date when the agreement is no longer in effect.