Paypal Account Agreements

Except as shown below, every balance in your cash account and any money that has been sent to you that has not yet been transferred to a linked bank account or debit card if you do not have a cash account constitutes an unsecured claim against PayPal and is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). In addition to the above, if you owed an outstanding amount to us, our affiliates or eBay, PayPal can debit your PayPal account to pay any outstanding amounts. This includes unpaid amounts due through the use of our various products such as Venmo, Xoom or Braintree. Here, a payment sent from your account to another PayPal account was not indicated as indicated when you asked us. B to do so (for example, for the incorrect amount, the wrong recipient) or that you have received such a payment. If you are in dispute with a seller or buyer, you should file a dispute about the resolution center by logging into your PayPal account. PayPal is a payment service provider and acts as such by creating, hosting, maintaining and providing our PayPal services on the internet. Our services allow you to send payments to anyone with a PayPal account and, if available, receive payments. Our availability varies by country/region. You can see what services are available in your country/region by logging into your PayPal account. If you provide us with your mobile phone number, you agree that PayPal and its affiliates may contact you on this number via automatically selected or pre-registered call messages or SMS messages for: (i) service of your PayPal brand accounts, (ii) market PayPal products and services, iii) to investigate or prevent fraud or (iv) debt collection.

The operational part of your account contains your balance PayPal, that is, the balance available for payments or payments. In the event that you do not agree to the terms of a sharing amount, you may close your account, unless this is prohibited by other means under this Agreement. However, if your account is closed for any reason, we may keep the amount withheld from your account PayPal up to 180 days. Your permission allows the seller to update the payment amount before the seller withdraws the payment (to account for changes in the purchase that you may agree with the seller, such as additional taxes, postage or postage or discounts). We are not required to verify changes at any time (including at the time of payment). We can transfer each amount on the basis of your authorization and after receiving instructions from the seller of the final amount of the payment. By requesting micropayments for digital products, you agree to receive up to the table amounts when a buyer opens a dispute, PayPal cancel the transaction and withdraw the money from your account without the buyer having to degenerate into a debt. If you advise us to make a payment of your account to another user financed by a payment from your bank account, and we store the resulting electronic currency in this way, we call this type of payment from your bank account an “eCheque” payment. For more information on using eCheques, please see the financing of the payments you send from your account. If you are a seller in a marketplace or via a third-party application where PayPal is offered, a payment that has been sent to you on instruction from the marketplace or a third party may be placed in a stop point.

This happens once you have given us permission to keep your money and will comply with your agreement with the third party. These holds are displayed in your PayPal account. If you have questions about why the market place or a third party ordered PayPal to place these Holds, you should go directly to the market place or to third parties.