Related Party Management Fee Agreement

The IRS submitted that the subjects should deduct only the portions of the administrative fees deemed appropriate. In both cases, administrative expense deductions were not authorized because the insured was unable to demonstrate that the expenses were necessarily borne by the exercise of their activities. It is important that, in Fitzroy`s case, the tax deduction was not authorized, although the fees were actually paid on a regular basis during the year of income in question (i.e., the fees were not accounted for solely as a newspaper). SECTION 6. Compensation. The Company will compensate and compensate any officer and its former and future direct or indirect shareholders, supervisors, shareholders, directors, executives, employees, representatives, affiliates, members, officers, sponsors or sponsors (each of whom is a related party) or any nearby party (each of these persons as a “refused party”). , of every act and every act. , remedies, investigations, losses, losses, claims, damages, commitments and charges (including amounts paid for the payment of judgments, compromises and comparisons, fines and fines, as well as legal or other costs and reasonable costs of investigation or defence against claims or alleged claims), including in the context of the claim for compensation, whether in connection with the claim for compensation, whether in the context of the claim for compensation, whether in solidarity or related to , the services or other services provided for by this agreement or the participation of managers of services or other services, which, in this agreement, b) to that officer153s or to their respective related companies153 held by shares (as defined in the shareholders` agreement) or other securities of the parent company or one of its subsidiaries153s or associated companies 153 of these debts are the result of a breach of the shareholder contract by that unscathed or related companies, or breach of the commitment or undertaking of that party compensated to its shareholders, creditors or related companies, direct or indirect, or (c) the activities, operations, real estate, assets or other rights or liabilities of the parent company or one of its subsidiaries. , in all cases, whether or not a party compensated is a compensated party, whether or not it assumes liability and whether such an action, complaint, investigation or procedure is initiated or initiated by the parent company, the holding companies, the company or one of its respective subsidiaries; to the extent that, for whatever reason, the previous obligation may be unavailable or unenforceable, the company undertakes to make the maximum contribution permitted by the applicable legislation to the payment and satisfaction of any compensation authorized by the applicable legislation. The company reimburses each party for any reasonable costs and expenses (including appropriate lawyers` fees and expenses153 and other trial-related costs) related to the investigation, preparation, prosecution, defence or defence assistance of measures, prosecutions, investigations or proceedings for which the compensated party would be entitled to compensation under the terms of the previous rate.

, or any act or procedure that results, whether or not that compensated party participates in it. The Company accepts that, without the prior written consent of the defusing party, it does not specify any decision to compromise or consent to the inclusion of a judgment in a claim, an appeal or proceeding pending or pending on the issues envisaged (if an unscathed party participates or has been threatened), to compromise or to accept) , unless such an arrangement is made , compromise or consent does not include an unconditional exemption from the party free of liability, without any obligation or future prohibition on the part of the compensated party, which results from such claims, actions or lawsuits